Duke Energy maintenance work may include visable flaring nearby

Duke Energy has announced upcoming plans for regularly scheduled maintenance in the area. The maintenance on the C314 natural gas line will take place at 7650 School Road, but flaring from the work may be visible within a mile or more of the site.

This maintenance work will be performed utilizing a pipeline inspection gauge (SMART PIG).  The maintenance process may require burning off / flaring of natural gas causing a loud and visible flame.  The controlled process of flaring may last from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

The following is the planned work schedule:

May 7th – 8th (7am – 7pm) field crews will be at the site staging equipment and material

May 9th – 11th (7am – 7pm) cleaning and maintenance with potential of burn off / flaring

May 14th – 17th (7am – 7pm) Smart Pig - inline inspection and potential burn off / flaring  

May 18st – 25th (7am – 7pm) field crews will de-mobilize from the work site

Please contact Duke Energy with any questions regarding this work.