Brush Collection by Call-In Basis Only

Large amounts of brush will be collected by City crews on a call-in basis only. Please call the Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250 to schedule a pick up. Requests for removal will be scheduled for the following week.

Please have your brush to the curb prior to 6:00 AM Monday morning. The cut ends should be facing the street. Small amounts of brush should be placed in the provided Rumpke waste wheeler. Please see below for requirements for collection by Rumpke on your scheduled collection day.

City of Blue Ash Curbside Brush Collection Rules:
  • Brush consists of limbs and twigs. Brush will not be collected if mixed with other materials (such as yard waste (leaves, grass, flowers, mulch, bush trimmings, ornamental grass, bamboo), wood fencing, nails, plastic, metal, lumber, etc). The machine used for this service is not designed to accept these materials. Possible damage to the machine could occur or bodily harm to City workers.
  • Brush must be placed near the edge of the street or curb (within the City's right of way). Do not place brush in the street or on the sidewalk. Do not place brush near a parked car or fire hydrant. 
  • Brush must not be larger than 12" in diameter. Stumps and root systems must be detached.
  • Please have several small piles rather than one large pile. This will greatly help with efficiency.
Rumpke Curbside Brush Collection Rumpke collects brush year round on your regularly scheduled waste collection day. Brush must be cut in 6 foot lengths and tied in bundles or placed in your Rumpke waste wheeler or personal garbage can. Rumpke will not collect loose piles of brush so please place small amounts of brush in the provided waste wheeler.

Wood chips are available to residents by calling (513) 686-1250. A "Property Access & Release" form is required for delivery of wood chips. Click here to view & print Property Access & Release form