Family Wading Pool Fun Facts

The re-developed Family Wading Pool, open to members of the Blue Ash Recreation Center, is full of fun amenities for children of all ages and ability!

These are only a few of the things that make it so special:

-          The “wet bubble” was imported from Sweden. There are only two other wet bubbles in the entire United States.

-          Most of the spray features are considered “super” interactive. That means they not only spray, they have the ability to swivel at the base giving them the ability to spray 180 degrees or more.

-          The “labyrinth” feature is a water manipulation station that will be perfect for the 1-3 year old age groups. Children will have the ability to dam the water, have races through the maze and use a button to “super boost” their toy through the maze.

-          The slide and dump bucket tower is also equipped with spray guns.

-          The big green turtle has two little dump buckets that hold about a gallon of water each.

-          There are a total of 12 shade structures around the pool, which are 9 more than the previous pool. Some of the water is now shaded.

-          While surface area has increased significantly, the new pool holds the same amount of water, helping with cost savings.

Regular hours for the Family Wading Pool are 12-8PM Monday-Friday, 11AM-8PM Saturday and 11AM-6PM Sunday.