Duke Energy Phone Calls


Property owners in Blue Ash will receive phones calls this week from Duke Energy. The below information is part of the of the information that will be communicated.

  • "The next step in this project is to complete additional field work along the two route alternatives that are currently being reviewed by the Ohio Power Siting Board. The field work we would like to complete in your area includes land surveying to identify property limits and soil resistivity testing. Soil resistivity testing involves the use of pins attached to a small meter. The tests are an important step in the natural gas upgrade siting process as they help engineers choose materials that will best interact with local soils. We will not need access to any structures during either land surveying or resistivity testing."
  • "This field work does not necessarily mean this route will be selected or that an easement on your property will be needed to construct the line. This work is merely being done to gather data concerning the possible use of this route."
  • "We are planning to begin the field work in your neighborhood within the next month. We will need anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to complete the work on your property. It is not necessary for anyone to be present during this time."
  • 'We will knock on your door once we arrive to notify anyone on the property of our presence outside."
  • "We will make every effort to minimize any disruption to you or your property. Although the field work may include minimal disruption to some properties, we do not expect it to result in any damage. (To the extent we need to disturb the land, we will coordinate our restoration activities with you.)"  
  • "As a safety precaution, please be aware of our crews and the additional vehicles that may be present in your neighborhood during this time."