Update Regarding Proposed Duke Pipeline

At its July 14, 2016 Blue Ash City Council passed the following motion regarding the proposed gas pipeline project:

Direct the Blue Ash City Administration to continue efforts to partner with other affected jurisdictions to persuade Duke to abandon their proposed natural gas transmission pipeline routes through medium and high density population areas. 

Direct the City Manager and City Solicitor to begin to prepare for legal action if necessary and judicious, for possible intervention in partnership with other entities and municipalities.  

As a Council, continue lobbying the pertinent legislators requesting new laws and guidelines be enacted affecting this and similar infrastructure projects.  

Direct Administration to conduct an economic development impact review regarding potential deferred business and other investment due to the project and include similar information from other communities, if available.

On July 18, Mayor Lee Czerwonka sent a letter to Ohio and Kentucky Duke President, Jim Henning regarding the motion and the City's continued opposition to the project.