OSU research at the Blue Ash Golf Course aims to improve your home’s lawn

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(May 23, 2023 - Blue Ash)

An ongoing experiment at the Blue Ash Golf Course aims to improve the quality and ease of maintenance of lawns across Ohio while using less fertilizer.

The Ohio State University Turfgrass Science Program has a plot of land at the course where they are testing and monitoring various types of grass to see how well they thrive under various conditions.

“Healthy lawns impart numerous benefits for people and the environment. To have healthy lawns, nitrogen fertilizer is needed, but due to a lack of clear statewide recommendations in Ohio, there is often excessive nitrogen use. There is a need to understand how we can reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer that is applied to home lawns while still maintaining healthy turfgrass,” said researchers in an OSU blog post.

Read more about the project here and listen to a podcast about it here.