Chief Noel teaches local children how to fish; writes heartfelt posts about the experience

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(May 1, 2023 - Blue Ash)

Blue Ash Police Chief Scott Noel taught some very special children how to fish at Summit Park.  You may remember he had requested letters from children who wanted to learn how to fish.

He met with Grant (pictured left) on Friday and two brothers (names protected for privacy; pictured center and right) on Saturday.  Each child received fishing poles and tips from the Chief. 

In heartfelt posts on Facebook, Chief Noel talked about the experience.

About Grant: "This is why we do what we do. I want to thank Grant’s parents for letting me spend some time with him today. Grant wanted to get some fishing lessons so we hit the pond at Summit Park. It didn’t take long for Grant to show us how it’s done. Grant went home with a fishing pole and some pointers. A short time later his Mom sent me a picture of Grant already catching fish using his new pole at a pond near their house. A perfect end to the week. Grant, Thanks for being my fishing buddy today."

About the brothers: "I’m beyond humbled and honored to have spent some time on Saturday with two special boys and their mom. I won’t use their names or faces to protect them as their situation is delicate. I was met by two enthusiastic young men eager to learn to fish. So we hit Summit Park for a fishing lesson. We talked about fishing, snakes, tadpoles, and family. These young men called me Mr. Noel and said thank you each time I got their fishing line untangled (Mom you have done a great job). After about an hour I had to leave for another engagement so I left them with 2 fishing poles that belonged to my late father. A short time later I received an email thanking me for teaching them to fish and for spending time with them. I also received a picture of the fish they caught shortly after I left. I’ve been a cop 33 yrs and in that time I have arrested murderers and during my tenure I have received some prestigious awards. I will tell you that Saturday easily matched some of the emotions I felt during those events. I highlight Saturday for one reason, to tell those facing adversity to not let the situation control you, you control the situation. I am extremely grateful to get to do what I do and I hope Saturday we provided a little bit of light to a very special family. Thank you for sharing some of your day with me, it was truly my pleasure."