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Property Taxes
The collection of property taxes (whether it is for residential property or business property) is the responsibility of Hamilton County, not the City of Blue Ash. For more info on property taxes, visit the Hamilton County Auditor’s website at, or call (513) 946-4000. 

Current effective rates for residential properties in Blue Ash for taxes paid in 2020 are listed below (most of Blue Ash is located in the Sycamore School District):

Residential Effective Rate for Tax Year 2019 (mills)
Sycamore District: 61.286459
Princeton District: 64.217913
Source: Hamilton County Auditor's Office

How Much of Your Property Taxes Does Blue Ash Receive?
It is interesting to note that the City of Blue Ash portion of your gross millage is only 3.08 mills (set by City Charter), and represents, at best, revenue to the City of Blue Ash of about 4% of property owners’ total gross real estate taxes paid. In general, 65% of the property taxes are allocated to the Sycamore School District. 

Further information on the collection and payment of property taxes, contact the Hamilton County Auditor's office at (513) 946-4000, or click on the Hamilton County Auditor's web site.