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Frequently Asked Questions


There is a dead animal on my property, who should I call? If you place the dead animal at the curb or berm of the roadway and call the Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250, arrangements will be made to have it removed. For dead animals under your porch or deck, call an animal removal company.

For injured or lost & found animals, try contacting one of these agencies:
SPCA (513) 541-6100 or (513) 489-7387 between 8 AM - 6 PM and (513) 825-2280 after 6 PM; The League for Animal Welfare (513) 735-2299; Animal Friends Humane Society at (513) 867-5727, or The Scratching Post (cats only) (513) 984-6369. 

For injured wildlife:
First, be sure the animal is injured or abandoned. Some species of animals only tend to their young incrementally during the day and depend on the camouflage of the nest to protect them. Visit the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife website or call 1-800-WILDLIFE for more information and resources. Call the Hamilton County Park District (513) 521-7275, ext. 240 for a list of licensed wildlife rehabbers
To report poaching issues and wildlife violations, submit a report online or call 1-800-POACHER. For injured birds of prey, contact Raptor Inc., 513-825-3325. 

Click here to view a guide for property owners with easements located on your property (utility, drainage).

Who should I call to report roadway issues such as potholes, debris in the roadway, snow and ice concerns, or dead animal pickup?  
Call the Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250.

What road construction projects are presently occurring in Blue Ash that may impact driving conditions?
Click here for more information.

Who should I call about roadway signage and/or markings? Click here for the easy-to-use online portal or call the Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250.

How do I obtain traffic counts for the City of Blue Ash?  Please call the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8545.

How do I obtain the right-of-way width for roadways in the City of Blue Ash? Please call the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8538.

How do I obtain a permit to work in the City right-of-way? Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions for the Plainfield Roundabouts can be found here.

How do I get sidewalks constructed in my neighborhood?
 The City of Blue Ash does not construct sidewalks within neighborhoods unless requested by the petition process.  The petition process can be found here.

Who should I call to discuss storm water issues on private property?
Call the Service Department Center at
(513) 686-1250.

Who should I call to discuss storm water issues in the City's right-of-way? Call the Service Department Center at
(513) 686-1250.


Who do I call if a street light is on during the day or out at night? To report a street light outage or problem, report it directly to Duke Energy by clicking here, or call the City's Facility Maintenance Division at (513) 745-8538.  The City will contact Duke Energy to report the outage, or if it is a street light maintained by the City, it will be added to our repair schedule.

How do I get a streetlight installed in my neighborhood? 
Click here for information on the Streetlight Program. 

What are the rules about temporary signs or campaign signs placed in the City? The following rules were implemented through a Council Motion on January 26, 2017: 

1. Signs in the public right-of-way are to be restricted to the following locations (click here for a map):

    • Northwest corner of Kenwood & Creek Roads
    • Southeast corner of Plainfield & Glendale-Milford Roads
    • Southwest corner of Reed Hartman Highway & Glendale-Milford Road
    • Southside of Pfeiffer Road from Ursuline Academy’s driveway to Crowne Plaza hotel
    • Northeast corner of Cooper Road & Reed Hartman Highway
    • Northeast corner of Cooper & Plainfield Roads
    • Southwest corner of Cornell & Deerfield Road

2. Signs may be permitted to be displayed for a period of forty-five (45) days before the spring primary election and November general election and must be removed or replaced seven (7) days following said election.  The seven (7) day period shall not be counted in calculating the forty-five (45) day posting period.
3. Signs shall not exceed 10 square feet in area.
4. No permit is required.
5. No signs are to be attached to utility poles, traffic poles, traffic controller cabinets, street signs, or fences.  Signs must have their own means of structural support.  (Ref. 3/12/92 Council motion)
6. The Ronald Reagan Highway and 1-71 ramps are not included in the jurisdiction of the City of Blue Ash with regard to placement of political signs or public issue signs and are subject to different regulations.
7. Any sign creating a visual obstruction for traffic, other safety-related problem, or creating visual blight will be removed by the City.

For regulations regarding signs on private property, please see the temporary sign section of the Blue Ash Zoning Code 1143.03.

Who should I call to report a traffic signal non-function or outage; traffic signal bulb outage; or pedestrian signal non-function or outage?  
Click here for the easy-to-use online portal or
during the hours 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday-Friday, call the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8538. At any other time, please use the online portal or report to the Blue Ash Police Dispatcher at (513) 745-8555.

Who should I call to report a water main leak in my neighborhood or a change in water color or pressure?Call the Service Department Center at (513) 686-1250 to report water leaks, and the roadway will be secured, if necessary. Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) will be notified of the leak. To check on a water pressure change or color at your residence, please call GCWW at (513) 591-7900.

There is a power outage in my neighborhood, who should I contact?  Contact Duke Energy online or call 1-800-543-5599.

There is a sanitary sewer odor in my neighborhood/basement, who do I contact? Call MSD (Metropolitan Sewer District) at (513) 352-4900; after 4:00 p.m., holidays, or weekends call (513) 244-5500.  For information about MSD's Sewer Backup Response Program (SBU) click here 

There is a gas odor in my neighborhood, who do I contact? Call Duke's Gas Trouble Line at 1-800-634-4300.

As a new resident of Blue Ash, how do I order a recycling/waste container?
Call the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8538, and a recycling/waste container will be ordered for you. The City's waste hauler, Rumpke, will deliver your new container within 10 working days. Rumpke has delivered a Rumpke-owned waste wheeler to all established residences in Blue Ash. These remain the property of Rumpke and should remain at the residence. If your residence does not have a waste wheeler, please report this to the Public Works Director's office. If your residence is a newly constructed home, please call the Public Works Director's office and a new waste wheeler will be ordered for you and delivered within 10 working days.

As an established resident of Blue Ash, how do I replace my damaged or stolen recycling/waste container? Call the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8538 to report stolen or damaged recycling/waste containers. A new container will be ordered for you and will be delivered within 10 working days by the City's waste hauler, Rumpke. Rumpke will investigate the stolen waste wheeler and either return the correct one to your residence (by tracking the serial number) or deliver a new one.

Who should I call to report that my waste and/or recycling was missed on my scheduled pickup day? Call the Public Works Director's office Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM at (513) 745-8538 or Rumpke at 742-2900, option 3. It may take Rumpke 24-48 hours to return and collect your missed item(s). Please leave the missed item(s) at the curb. This applies only if your waste and/or recycling were out at the required time (by 7:00 AM the day of pickup). If you missed putting your waste out for pickup, it will not be picked up until the following week unless you call Rumpke for a special pickup at (513) 851-0122 and select option 3. Special pickups are billed by Rumpke directly to the Resident.

Will the City's waste hauler pickup large trash items?Yes, large items such as furniture and appliances (except those with freon, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.) will be collected at the curb on your scheduled pickup day. To schedule a large item or bulk pick-up, please contact the Public Works Director's office at (513) 745-8538, or call Rumpke Customer Service directly at 1-800-828-8171 or visit their website here. Please place these items on the same side of your driveway as your Rumpke waste wheeler.  Click here to find out how to dispose of your appliances with freon (under Residential Drop-Off Program).

I have items I would like to dispose of before my scheduled pickup day, is there somewhere I can dispose of these items? Blue Ash residents may bring trash items (furniture, appliances, brush, etc.) or hazardous material items (oil, paint cans, mercury, old gas, etc.) to the Service Department Center at 6131 Interstate Circle.  Click here to view more about our Residential Drop-Off Program (required proof of residency and hours).  Click here for directions to the Service Department Center.  Click here to print the required Residential Drop-off Program disposal form.  Click here to view Hamilton County Solid Waste District's Household Hazardous Disposal Info.

How do I dispose of electronics?  Click here to view Hamilton County Solid Waste District's Electronic Disposal Info.

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