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Construction Project Updates

August 15, 2023 - Sidewalk Project - Neyra will be closing the curb lane along the east side of Kenwood Road during the hours of 8am to 4pm to repair damaged sidewalk, curb, catch basins, and ADA ramps.  Two way traffic will still be maintained by merging the northbound traffic into the middle lane, the construction will stretch from Catalpa Creek north to Creek Road.  Please drive slow and carefully through the construction zone.  Portions of the sidewalk will be closed to pedestrians until construction is complete, please be aware of sidewalk closed signs.

August 15, 2023, Pavement Restorations - TEP, the contractor for Duke has hired Ford Development to perform restoration on the roadway and sidewalk along the path of the recent conduit boring work on the east side of Kenwood Road.  Because of the amount of pavement that needs restored starting tomorrow Wednesday, August 16th,  Myrtle Avenue and Laurel Avenue will be closed to all traffic at Kenwood Road.  Residents and businesses will still maintain access via Cooper Road and Monroe Avenue.  The Road closure will take place during the day within normal business hours and should last 2 days, weather permitting.

June 5, 2023, Storm Pipe Repair - Work begins today to repair a large storm pipe under Reed Hartman Highway. Crews will be just south of Osborne Boulevard and at times on the east and west sides of Reed Hartman.  The City has contracted MCSP to perform the work. The contractor will enter the pipe at a manhole located on the east side of RHH, adjacent to the pond at the Osborne/Illmenau Business Park.  The work will consist of cleaning the pipe, removing all debris, filling all voids, and structurally lining the pipe with wire mesh and sprayed shotcrete.  Shotcrete is cementitious material that will cure in place and create a structural concrete pipe within the old pipe.Please use caution and slow down in the work zones. 
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2023 Blue Ash Sidewalk Repair Program -
Neyra has installed over 300 FT of new sidewalk along the north side of Cornell Road west of Reed Hartman Highway.  Weather permitting, the work along Cornell Road will be finished by the end of next week.  Following the Cornell sidewalk, Neyra will begin replacing damaged walk along the east of Kenwood Road from Catalpa to Cornell.  All businesses will maintain access throughout the project.
sidewalk1   sidewalk2  

2023 Hunt Road Landslide Repair - Complete  
The landslide repair of Hunt Road is complete and the roadway is back open. The project was completed two weeks early.  
All utilities have completed the temporary relocation for the project on Hunt Road.  Scherzinger Drilling started mobilizing this week and began drilling for the pier wall. 

- Scherzinger Drilling has completed construction of the pier wall along the south side of Hunt Road, installing 23 total concrete piers with steel reinforcement at a depth of 35 FT and 44 total concrete plugs at a depth of 25 FT.  The pier wall spans a distance of over 130 FT to help retain the earth under the roadway.

- Overhead utilities were temporarily relocated to the north side of the road to provide safe and adequate room for the drill rig.  Starting the week of May 1, 2023 the contractor will perform pavement repairs and the communication utilities (Alta Fiber and Spectrum) will start to transfer their lines back to the south side of Hunt Road.  Following the completion of communications transfer, Duke will mobilize to transfer their lines to the south and remove the temporary poles that were installed for the project.  Following Duke’s completion the contractor will re-install the guardrail along the south side.  Through the duration of this work the road will remain closed for the safety of motorists and pedestrians.


pierwall1 pierwall2 pierwall3

A detour plan can be found here.

2023 Blue Ash Paving Program - The City of Blue Ash has contracted Barrett Paving for the 2023 Paving Program.  Work will include milling the existing pavement surface, performing base repairs in select locations, and resurfacing the pavement.   Work for this project will take place during the Summer.  A map showing the roads included in this project can be found here.

Roads to be resurfaced this year as part of this project include:

  • Wood Ave
  • Lebanon Ave
  • Corine Ave
  • Centennial Ave
  • Oak Ave
  • Kemper Ave
  • Florence Ave
  • Idalia Ave
  • Cook Ave
  • Labelle Ave
  • Grand Ave
  • Margaretta Ave
  • Redhill Drive
  • East Lake Forest Drive


2023 Luschek Drive Pipe Replacement -  Complete
Smith & Brown completed the last tie in for the new 60” ADS Storm Pipe connnecting from a manhole structure in the KOI parking lot to a head wall outlet.  The contractor installed over 300 FT of pipe at depth of 20 FT.  The pipe is complete and functioning as designed.  Smith & Brown have backfilled around the pipe and restored the area including channel protection at the outlet.  Next week the contractor will complete the pavement and curb restorations that were removed for installation of the storm pipe.

luschek1 luschek2

2022 Paving Program Update - Complete

Today a crew is finishing up resurfacing Alliance Road and Carver Road.  By noon, the 2 left turn lanes for southbound RHH to turn onto the east side of Carver Road will be closed for the paving crew to be able to resurface that section of Carver Road.  The closure will last a couple of hours and motorists can utilize Malsbary Road to access Alliance Road during the closure.  Motorists will still be able to exit out of Carver Road from Alliance and temporarily there will be minimal traffic allowed to enter from RHH.

A second paving crew is resurfacing within the Chimney Hill subdivision today.  They will be resurfacing Old Chimney Hill, Chimney Sweep, Village View, and Chimney Hill.

All paving should be completed today, weather permitting.

As of July 1, 2022, all of the milling work is complete on all of the streets in the 2022 Paving Program. Resurfacing along Kenridge and Brasher is underway and is expected to take two days, weather permitting. 

2022 Paving Program Update

On June 23, 2022, paving work will begin on Alliance Road and Carver Road.  Small pavement repairs will start the week of June 27,  when the milling is completed, and will be shortly followed by the resurfacing of the streets.  The City will mark deteriorated areas within the pavement along the milled streets for repair prior to the paving. Crews will begin repaving work in the Chimney Hill subdivision, Kenridge Drive, and Brasher Avenue.

During the next two weeks or so, there will be no parking permitted on the streets in these locations.

2022 Paving Program - Complete

The 2022 Paving Program will be starting the week of April 25, 2022, in Blue Ash.

Contractors will begin work in the Chimney Hill Subdivision by installing collector lines, repairing catch basins, and constructing new curb.  A new crosswalk and sidewalk will also be installed at the entrance to the subdivision.

Roads that will be resurfaced this year as part of the project include:

  • Chimney Hill Drive
  • Chimney Sweep Lane
  • Old Chimney Court
  • Village View Court
  • Kenridge Drive
  • Brasher Avenue
  • Alliance Road
  • Carver Road

Creek Road Resurfacing - Complete

the paving crew has moved this work up. It will now happen on 11/4 and 11/5.

Weather permitting, the resurfacing of Creek Road east of Kenwood Road will occur on Friday, November 5, and Saturday, November 6.
Each day, one side of the roadway between the railroad tracks and Deerfield Road will be milled and resurfaced.  
Expect traffic delays in the area during this project.  Thank you for your patience. 

2021 Route and Seal Program - Complete

Streets that were able to receive route and seal this year are listed as follows:

  • Reed Hartman Highway (South of Cooper Road)
  • Carver Road
  • Anderson Way
  • Trailbridge
  • Spyglass
  • Carpentar’s Run Ct.

The City hopes to continue the route and seal program in the following year for streets that were not completed this year.

2021 Paving Program - Complete

10/29: All streets have been resurfaced and sealed except for Creek Road (East of RR tracks to Deerfield).  Due to the heavy traffic along Creek Road, the resurfacing is scheduled for Friday, November 5, 2021 and Saturday, November 6, 2021 weather permitting.  Creek Road will have the pavement surface milled off and immediately followed by the paving crew for resurfacing.  This process will allow one lane to be completely finished each day.

Weather permitting, Barrett Paving will start on September 7th.  The work will take approximately 2 weeks to complete.  Please see the list below for the streets that will be resurfaced this year.
    • West Ave.
    • Conklin Road
    • Miller Road
    • Northfield Road
    • Maynard Drive
    • Short Highland Ave.
    • Myerdale Drive
    • Creek Road (East of RR tracks to Deerfield)
    • Muirfield Lane
    • Wood Creek
A letter has been sent to nearby residents who may be impacted by the paving program, click here to read the letter. 

GCWW Water Main Project - Complete

12/01: This project is nearing completion.  GCWW is finalizing restorations and testing.
10/29: Greater Cincinnati Water Works’ contractor has installed the new water line and will be working on tie-ins, hydrants, testing, and restorations for the remaining couple of months.  There will still be closures to through traffic at times.  The roadways will remain open at all times for local property owners and emergency vehicles. 

Greater Cincinnati Water Works will begin work on a water main on September 7th.  This is expected to last four months, weather permitting.  Kenridge Drive and Brasher Avenue in Blue Ash will be closed at times to through traffic.  The construction will impact Kenridge Drive from Kenwood to Brasher and Brasher Avenue from Bell to Kenridge.  GCWW said the roadways will remain open at all times for local property owners and emergency vehicles.  GCWW has sent a letter to affected residents about this project. If you have questions, contact GCWW at 513-591-7700.

Hamilton/Plainfield Roundabouts Construction

12/3 HAM-Plainfield RAB construction update: 

  • Pavement on the south side of the Hunt/Kroger roundabout and McDonald's entrance is being placed today and tomorrow.
  • Sidewalk and lighting conduit will be installed next week.
  • McDonald's entrance on Hunt Road will open on 12/10.
All work is weather permitting. Remember to drive safely and slowly through the construction zone.

Kenwood Storm Pipe Lining  - Complete

This is a continuation from last year’s project and is currently out for bid, with the bid opening scheduled for November 4, 2021.  The project consists of structurally lining about 500 FT of the invert in a 60” corrugated metal storm pipe located at Kenwood and Hunt Roads.  The structural lining is a spray cementitious material with fibers over a reinforced welded wire mesh.

Plainfield Storm Pipe Lining - Complete

This project is currently out for bid, with the bid opening scheduled for November 4, 2021.  The project consists of a full circumferential structural lining of about 65 FT of a 64” corrugated metal storm pipe that runs from the Peppermill subdivision under Plainfield Road.  There is also a full circumferential structural lining of about 350 FT of a 72” corrugated metal storm pipe that runs from the Sycamore Trace subdivision under Plainfield Road.  The structural lining is a spray cementitious material with fibers over a reinforced welded wire mesh.

2020 Project Updates

Questions regarding any City of Blue Ash projects listed above should be directed to the Public Works Office at (513) 745-8578 or (513) 745-8536.

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