Public Works

Construction Project Updates

2024 Striping Program - (Currently Out for Bid)  This work will consist of re-striping all the existing pavement markings on City streets to make the fading pavement markings more visible to motorists.  The City hires a contractor to re-stripe all the of the pavement markings every 2 years, or sooner if needed.

2024 Route & Seal Program - (Summer 2024) The City hires a contractor to route out cracks, clean them with compressed air, and fill with a rubberized sealant along City streets that have been recently resurfaced within the last 3-5 years and show signs of minimal cracking.  The purpose of the work is to help preserve the resurfaced roads longer, by stopping water from infiltrating in the cracks.  The following list of streets are included in this year's program:
    • Belleview Ave. (from Kenwood to Blue Ash)
    • Brittany Dr.
    • Summit Ave.
    • Cherry St.
    • Elizabeth Pl.
    • Cynthia Ct.
    • Leadwell Ln.
    • Kenridge Dr.
    • Bomark Ct.
    • Brasher Ave.
    • Bell Ave.
    • Meyers Ln.
    • Grove Ave.
    • Sycamore Trace Ct.
    • Heather Ct.
    • Ash Ct.
    • Locust Ln.

Kenwood Road Bridge Reconstruction- (Summer 2024) This project is located approximately 937 FT south of Pfeiffer Road, on Kenwood between the cross streets of Pfeiffer Rd. and Zig Zag Rd.  The work will consist of reconstructing the existing failing bridge and rebuilding the pedestrian bridge.  Due to the extensive work on the bridge and minimal safe spacing for motorists and pedestrians, both Kenwood Road and the sidewalk will be closed to all traffic for the duration of the construction.  Kenwood Road will be closed to all traffic at this location for 2 ½ months beginning on June 3, 2024.  Please see the proposed detour route.

As with all construction projects, schedules are dictated by the weather conditions and the schedule is likely to change during the project.  The City will post construction updates to the City of Blue Ash website as they are made available.  The City of Blue Ash recognizes the inconvenience to traffic during the construction and appreciates your cooperation and understanding on this matter.  Questions regarding the work should be directed to Will Davis, with the Public Works Department at

Blue Ash Central System (Phase 2):  (Currently in Construction) - The purpose of this project is to install fiber optic cable and bring the South Traffic System to the City's Central Traffic System.  The Central Traffic System allows the signals to communicate and coordinate with each other to help with the flow of traffic and the safety of the public.  Elex, Inc. is currently installing pull boxes, and conduit, along Reed Hartman Hwy from Hunt Road to Glendale-Milford Road in preparation for the installation of the fiber optics cable for Central System.  Elex is also placing concrete foundations at locations where poles will be installed for the PTZ Traffic Cameras.

Glendale Milford Duke Street Lighting:  (Currently in Construction) - The purpose of this project is to continue the street lighting from the roundabout located at Glendale-Milford Rd and Summit Place.  The City's contractor has completed installation of conduit and pull boxes along the south and north sides of Glendale-Milford Rd, between McKinley Rd. and Reed Hartman Hwy.   The City is coordinating a schedule with Duke Energy to install the electric and streetlights. 

2024 Paving Program:  (May 2024-Sept. 2024) - The project will include resurfacing of pavement, repair of storm water inlets, curb replacement, and new sidewalk installation.  Barrett Paving will be resurfacing the following list of streets:
       * Rossplain Road - Catch basin repairs completed in June.
       * Shell Road - Catch basin repairs completed in June. 
       * McKinley Road - new sidewalk installation on east side in progress as of June 11. (Picture)
       * Reed Hartman Hwy (from Cornell Rd to Osborne Blvd.) Crews finished installing the new curb on June 7. (Picture 1) - (Picture 2)

2024 Sidewalk Program:  (Currently Out for Bid) - The project will include sidewalk replacement, and curb replacement.

Glendale-Milford/Reed Hartman Hwy Intersection Signal Upgrade: (Currently in Design) - In 2019, the City upgraded the traffic controller with the first phase of the Central System.  The purpose of this project is to upgrade the existing signal poles, mast arms, and traffic signals at this intersection.

Sports Center Storm Pipe Replacement: (Summer 2024)
Smith & Brown will remove and replace 150 FT of deteriorated 12" storm pipe and construct a natural headwall at the outlet.

Hamilton/Plainfield Roundabouts Construction

 HAM-Plainfield RAB construction update: 

  • Summer 2024 - Decorative Landscape Wall will be constructed within the center island of the roundabout located at Plainfield Rd and Hunt Rd.
All work is weather permitting. Remember to drive safely and slowly through the construction zone.

Questions regarding any City of Blue Ash projects listed above should be directed to the Public Works Office at (513) 745-8578 or (513) 745-8536.

(Page Updated  06/11/2024)