Get Up-To-Date Information from Police Reports

Community Crime Map
In March of 2015, the City of Blue Ash entered into an agreement with Bair Software (now LexisNexis) to provide Blue Ash crime data to the public using Google Maps' well-known, intuitive mapping interface. 

Through Community Crime Map, citizens can view basic information on crime reports made in Blue Ash since January of 2012. The crime type, street-level address, address name (when appropriate), traffic crash date, and time are displayed for the users. The information can be viewed in a variety of formats and sorted on different criteria.

Data is uploaded twice daily and includes all crimes occurring in Blue Ash. Over 10,000 incidents have been uploaded to the site. Citizens can report anonymous tips to the police department by clicking on any incident and submitting the tip through CrimeStoppers. Sign up for Crime Alerts that notify you by email when a report occurs nearby. 

Click here to see the Community Crime Map for the City of Blue Ash.

Anyone with questions or comments is welcome to e-mail kdeye@blueash.com