Giant Canada Geese

Goose in Blue Ash

Giant Canada Geese were reportedly extirpated from Ohio between the end of the Civil War and the turn of the century. The Ohio Division of Wildlife initiated a Giant Canada Goose restoration program with 10 pairs each on three state-owned wetland areas in 1956. Goose population surveys were conducted annually on the three goose management areas since the start of the program; however, the first statewide survey was not conducted until 1979. At that time, Canada Geese were nesting in 49 of Ohio’s 88 counties with a state population of 18,000 geese. Recent surveys have found goose nests in every county with a population of 84,000 geese in 2004.

According to The Ohio Division of Wildlife, the geese population as of spring 2012 was estimated to be approximately 147,718 and growing, thus this quickly expanding goose population has caused conflicts with our growing human population.

In an effort to prevent human – goose conflicts, preserve the beauty of Blue Ash Parks, Golf Course and Public Lands, the Blue Ash Police Department has developed a program focused on preventing large groups of Canada Geese from gathering on or establishing nesting territories on these desirable lands.

Canada Geese are protected under both The Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act and Ohio State Law. This protection extends to geese, goslings, nests, and eggs. The Blue Ash Police Department will only be using non-lethal tactics recommended by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Division of Wildlife. Non-Lethal scare and hazing tactics such as pyrotechnics and laser pointers will be utilized. Habitat Modification, which makes an area less desirable to Geese populations, is also an option.

There have been incidents when geese have become extremely aggressive and have presented a significant danger to humans. In such cases, geese can be removed only within the guidelines set forth by The Ohio Department of Natural Resources-Division of Wildlife.

It must be pointed out that any or all of the options mentioned above will only be successful if the tactics are deployed in a very persistent fashion and a NO FEEDING POLICY is strictly enforced. Our goal is to allow peaceful coexistence with these animals while providing the most sanitary and safe environment for our citizens and visitors.

goose poop
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