Parks & Recreation

Pool Rules

The Blue Ash Recreation Center is committed to providing quality and safe facilities to the Blue Ash community. For everyone’s enjoyment and safety at the Blue Ash community pools, please review the following rules and polices.  Thank you for your compliance and understanding!

General Pool Rules
  • The Recreation Center is a “controlled access” facility and requires a membership to utilize the pools. 
  • Admittance to the pool area requires scanning of your membership card at the Welcome Desk or pool entrance. Your membership card or key tag is required to enter the facility.
  • All members and guests 11 and under must be accompanied by someone 15 or older.
  • Glass containers are prohibited in the pool and concession area.
  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
  • No tobacco products or Electronic Cigarettes in pool or concession areas. Smoking is not permitted on city property.
  • Children in diapers must wear swim diapers.
  • If your child has an “accident,” please inform staff so that appropriate cleaning measures may be taken.  
  • Please use locker rooms for diaper changes.
  • Persons with open cuts, skin abrasions, bandages, eye, or respiratory infections will be denied admission for the safety of all other patrons.
  • Swim suits required.
Main Pool and/or Family Wading Pool
  • No dunking on basketball rims.
  • Only soft, squishy balls are allowed. Tennis balls, handballs and any other hard toys are prohibited at all times.
  • Weak swimmers maybe asked to complete the swim test to swim outside the shallow end in the main pool. The swim test is administered by a lifeguard upon request. Swim test consists of: swim length of pool (25 yards), tread water for two minutes, change position and direction in water, jump/dive into deep water, recover, and swim to side of pool.
  • Diving in the shallow end or at the pool’s edge is prohibited. No jumping/diving backwards from the side of the pool. 
  • Swim lanes are for everyone but all lane swimmers must be continuously moving forward. 
  • The Family Wading Pool is for all ages.
  • Lounge chairs are not permitted in or around the immediate perimeter of the pool.
  • Pushing others into the pool is prohibited at all times.
  • Dunking or aggressive horseplay is prohibited.
Diving Board
  • Dives with only one bounce are permitted from diving boards. Forward dives only.
  • No flotation devices, goggles, masks or swim shoes permitted on diving boards.
  • Children are not permitted to jump to a parent or adult from the diving board.
Water Slide
  • You must be at least 42” to use the slide. Height can be checked at the bottom of the slide steps.
  • No buttons, snaps, or zippers permitted on swimsuits. No flotation devices, goggles, or masks may be worn on the slide.
  • No running on the steps.
  • Wait at the top step until the guard directs you to the slide. 
  • Sit down to enter the slide. Lie down on your back and cross your arms over chest when sliding. Team sliding is not permitted.
  • Sliding headfirst is prohibited. No stopping, spinning, or sitting up while sliding.
  • After entering the pool, exit the water immediately at the nearest ladder. 
Adult Swim
  • There will be an adult swim each hour at the top of the hour for 15 minutes. Anyone under 18 years must clear the pool until signal is given to re-enter the pool.
  • Main pool - One child per parent, 4 years and under, may be taken into the water but must stay in contact with the parent during this time. 
  • Family Wading Pool - Children, 42” or less, may be in the water but must stay in close proximity with the parent/guardian during this time. 
  • Slide - Children are permitted to use the slide at all times. Adult swim does not apply to slide usage. Child must be at least 42” to use the slide. Height can be checked at the bottom of the slide steps.