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Join Blue Ash Recreation for a self-guided month of wellness activities that encompasses the 8 dimensions of wellness.

  • Physical - movement, nutritious diet, sleep, safe behaviors, taking care of your body
  • Intellectual - expanding knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Emotional - awareness and acceptance of your feelings, how well you recognize and express your emotion, ability to cope with stress
  • Social - creating connections, building interpersonal relationships, and having support networks
  • Spiritual - sense of purpose, core values and beliefs
  • Occupational - engaging in meaningful work, achieving work life balance, building relationships with co-workers
  • Financial - living within your means and planning for your financial future
  • Environmental - living a lifestyle respectful of our surroundings and Earth's natural environment
  January 2022 
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 97  10Pegi Mindfulness  11Blank  12Blank  139  14Margaret Nature Yoga  15Blank
 168  17Sam Repetition  18Blank  19Blank  20Kate Abscore  21Emily Pyramid Workout  22Blank
 2310  24Anna Bootcamp  25Blank  26Blank  27Cell Phone Circuit  28Maggie Yoga Flow  29Blank
 302022 Jump into January calendar  31Dan Outdoor Fitness  

Join us as we Jump into January! You can find all of the information here, the Blue Ash Recreation App or by following us on social media.

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  January 1
Breakfast January 2: Breakfast with Beth, Dietetic Technician and Expert Personal Trainer, shares a healthy banana oatmeal pancake recipe. This filling start to your day will help fuel your physical wellness. Click here for recipe.
Andrew January 3: Andrew, Master Personal Trainer, shares tips on how to shift your fitness mindset to achieve your goals. Anything is possible! Click here to view the tips.
  January 4:
  January 5
2 January 6: Join us for social hour in the Recreation Center Cafe from 10:30am-11:30am. We will have hot cocoa and hot tea available.  
Mike Strong Core January 7:  A strong core is the foundation to a strong body, check out 2 moves with Mike, Expert Personal Trainer.
  January 8
Lunch Naan Pizza January 9: Kylie, Registered Dietitian and Elite Personal Trainer, shares 5 Naan Pizza recipes to fuel your physical wellness and pizza cravings. Make it even faster in the air fryer! Click here for recipe.
Pegi Mindfulness January 10:Mindfulness helps bring awareness to all that you do. Pegi, Expert Personal Trainer, shares ways you can be mindful in the gym and at home!
  January 11:
  January 12
9 January 13: Stop by the Recreation Center Cafe between 4:30pm and 5:30pm for smoothie samples.  
Margaret Nature Yoga January 14: Grab the kids and join Margaret, Elite Personal Trainer, for a nature and animal themed yoga flow.
  January 15:
Snacks January 16: No bake bites with Beth - check out this quick and easy snack recipe, perfect for on the go. Click here for recipe.

Need a quick and filling snack? Kylie's got you covered with smoothies! These are a fantastic way to get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables in. They make a great meal replacement too! Click here for recipes.
Sam Repetition January 17: Sam, Master Personal Trainer, shares ways to add variety to your workout by changing up the repetition scheme. Try them in your next workout for an intellectual and physical challenge.
  January 18
  January 19:  
Kate Abscore January 20: Join Kate, Master Personal Trainer, for an hour long ABScore, Yoga, and Meditation class in the Red Gym 9am-9:45am. Sign up on  
Emily Pyramid Workout January 21: Fitness isn't just about physical fitness! Incorporate intellectual wellness into your workouts by trying a pyramid workout format. Emily, Master Personal Trainer, demonstrates an example you can even do at home!
  January 22:   
Dinner Spaghetti Squash January 23: Looking to add more vegetables to your nutrition? Spaghetti squash is a fun twist on a dinner classic. Click here for recipe.  
Anna Bootcamp January 24: Join us to volunteer with Anna's Barrier Free Bootcamp! A community for individuals with disabilities encouraging a healthy lifestyle and building social skills while having fun. Sign up for class on Punch Pass:
  January 25:   
Anna Bootcamp January 26: Join us to volunteer with Anna's Barrier Free Bootcamp! A community for individuals with disabilities encouraging a healthy lifestyle and building social skills while having fun. Sign up for class on Punch Pass:  
Cell Phone Circuit January 27: This cell phone circuit is an easy way to move throughout the day. Do 5 reps each time you do one of these on your cell phone: text - squats, get on social media - lunges, call - stand or walk in place for duration of the call, check email - leg raises.  
Maggie Yoga Flow January 28: Relax and restore your spiritual and physical wellness with a yoga flow by Master Personal Trainer, Maggie. 
  January 29:   
Dessert Pudding January 30: Beth shares a quick protein packed dessert sure to satisfy any sweet tooth, customize it with toppings to your liking. Click here for recipe.
Dan Outdoor Fitness January 31: Do you love the outdoors but are intimated by the cold weather? Check out tips from Dan, Master Personal Trainer, for staying healthy while getting outside.
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