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Join Blue Ash Recreation for a self-guided month of family fun that incorporates: a great mindset, daily movement, nutrition and whole body wellness! Some days you will have an activity to do in Blue Ash, other days you will be providing input to us and others you will be doing family fun activities at home.

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 We are excited to share these fun memory makers with our community. Join us as we Jump into January! 

You can find all of the information here, the Blue Ash Recreation App or by following us on social media.

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21 January 1: Take a walk today! While on your walk take a photo, and show us your photo by commenting on our Blue Ash Recreation Facebook post here.
Storywalk (1) January 2: Enjoy the StoryWalk! Head to the Blue Ash Nature Park to read the StoryWalk book. 
17.2 January 3: Check out these vegetable facts from our trainer, Beth, for a colorful week of vegetables! Which color vegetable is your favorite? Which one are you going to try next?
2 January 4: It's movement Monday! Today we are walking in place during commercials, between streaming episodes or when you are asked, "are you still watching."
6.2 January 5What are you wanting to do in 2021? Create a family bucket list. Pick up a bucket list kit at Summit Park, meet us under the Tower from 4:00pm-6:00pm or while supplies last. One bucket per family please.
1 January 6: What do you say Wednesday! Help us gather recipes from the Blue Ash community. Share your family's favorite here. Recipes will be shared on January 28.
25 January 7: It's Thrilling Thursday! Try these fun animal movements from our trainer, Margaret. See a video of her movements here or a description of the movements here. 
3 January 8: It's Family Friday! Spend family time making a time capsule. For some great resources and ideas click here.
4.2 January 9: Ready to get out of the house? Our personal trainers have created a great workout at Summit Park. Try it out as is or modify it for your specific needs. Download the workout here
18 January 10: There are a lot more foods that are good sources of protein other than meat, poultry and seafood. Check out these perfect proteins and try them out today!
5 January 11: Play your favorite songs for a family dance party! Need some song suggestions? Check out this play list.
26 January 12: Today our trainer tip comes from Andrew. He says, "Keep things simple, no need to over think!" Check out his movements here.
24 January 13: We are eager to hear from you! What are your favorite things to do in Blue Ash? Tell us here.
23 January 14: Did you know jumping rope is great exercise? Pick up your jump rope at Summit Park under the Tower from 4:00-6:00pm or while supplies last. Then improve your skills with these tips from our trainer, Dan.  
7 January 15: Take a family photo! Share the fun with us, use #JumpintoJanuary on social media or tag @blueashrecreation.
8 January 16: Print our neighborhood BINGO board. Can you get BINGO while taking a walk today? The BINGO board can be found here.
19 January 17: Fruits have so many health benefits! Here's a list of our fitness team's fabulous fruit favorites. Which one of these fabulous fruits are you going to try? Get the list here. 
9 January 18: Come to the Nature Park to pick up some free chalk and draw your dreams! We will be giving away chalk from 12:00-2:00pm or while supplies last at the Blue Ash Nature Park.
27 January 19: Balance and core strength is today's trainer tip! See what Emily does here and read the description here. 
28 January 20: Maggie shares about flow using strength, balance and flexibility for this week's wellness Wednesday. Check out what Maggie has to offer here and the description of the movements is here. 
29 January 21: Anna brings us this week's thrilling Thursday! She is giving you simple daily moments, incorporating whole body wellness. Which one of these are you going to add to your daily routine? 
10 January 22: Tonight play a game of family charades! Here are some fun ideas to get you started. 
11 January 23: Get outside for a scavenger hunt! Download the Actionbound app and complete the scavenger hunt at the Nature Park! Scan the QR code or type in JumpintoJanuaryNaturePark.
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20 January 24: There are different types of carbohydrates! Some are more nutrient dense while others are better for quick energy. Check them out here. 
12 January 25: This cell phone circuit is an easy way to move throughout the day. Do 5 reps each time you do one of these on your cell phone: text-squats, get on social media-lunges, call-stand or walk in place, check email-leg raises. 
30 January 26: Sam brings you a great tip this week on how to build an effective circuit. This is a great opportunity to customize your workout. Sam explains everything in this video or read his tips here 
31 January 27: It's wellness Wednesday with Kate! She talks about opening the body to get the blood flowing and transition into more movement. She demonstrates a simple set of movements that can be done to accomplish this. Watch the video here and read the description here 
13 January 28: Download the recipes that were submitted by the community earlier in the month and see which ones you want to try. Download a PDF of all the recipes here
14 January 29: It's family game night! Stop by the Nature Park to get a family game pack. We will be there from 4:00-6:00pm or while supplies last. We will have one pack per family. 
15.2 January 30: UPDATE: Groundhog Zumba has been canceled, but we look forward to seeing you at Summit for our Free Fitness classes this summer!

Groundhog Day is coming! Join us at noon at Summit Park for Zumba. Can you see your shadow?
16 January 31: Our nutritionist, Kylie, makes a fantastic dish with her kids for dinner. This fun recipe is available here for you to try with your family. She gives tips on how to safely get kids into the kitchen to help prepare the meal.
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