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Court Reservations

Tennis and pickleball courts can only be reserved online. Reservations for an outside court begins early April. Reservations to reserve an indoor pickleball court begins early November through the end of March.  

Online court reservations do require the creation of an online account. To create an account, click here .  It can take up to two business days for review and account creation.

Already have an account? Click here.

Important Reservation Information: 
  • Reservations are open and available in two-week periods. Participants making the reservation can book up to two hours per day (i.e. a participant can book two courts for one hour or one court for two hours).
  • If courts are not reserved, they are available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • There are eight asphalt tennis courts and four lined pickleball courts (courts numbered 5-8).
  • There are two indoor pickleball courts located inside the Recreation Center (available beginning early November through the end of March). 
For information about pickleball, click here and for information about tennis, click here
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