Human Resources

Information for Minors

Work Permit Process

A minor is any person less than 18 years of age who has not obtained a high school diploma or its equivalence and/or individuals subject to the exemptions contained within section 4109.06 of the Ohio Revised Code.

If you are younger than 18 years old, you will need a Work Permit (see below) from your school BEFORE you will be permitted to work for the City of Blue Ash.

  1. Once an offer of employment has been made to you, the hiring supervisor will give you a three-page application for the work permit, with the "Pledge of Employer" section of the application already completed.

  2. Page two of the application - the "Physician's Certificate for Minor Work Permit" - only needs to be completed if this is the first time you have obtained a Work Permit. 

    Note to Sycamore High School Students :  Any student who plays sports for Sycamore can get the Physician's Certificate signed at Sycamore. Please see the main office staff for more information.

  3. Once you have completed filling out the application (with a physician's certification completed if this is your first permt) - take your completed three-page work permit application to your high school office.

  4. The school will prepare the Work Permit (one-page), and give it to youclick here to see a Work Permit .(At Sycamore, the staff will call you to the office when your Work Permit is ready for pick-up. If you attend a different high school, please ask them for instructions when you submit your application.) 

  5. You are responsible for bringing the Work Permit to the City's Human Resources Office.

Work permits can be obtained at parochial schools. (In the past you had to go to the public high school for the school district in which you lived.)

The City of Blue Ash Human Resources Office provides this information. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call the HR Office at (513) 745-8642.