Open House

Fire Department Open House

Each October, we host an open house. This is when Blue Ash residents get to see the firehouse, the firefighters, and can take some ownership in services. Something you'll probably hear while you're there is, "This is your firehouse." Our firemen and women really believe that. It's important to remember that the fire department exists because of the community and it is there to serve the community. 
Throughout the evening, there are tours of the building, mini obstacle courses, free Skyline, free time to explore the trucks, and free access to talk to as many firemen and women as possible. The event always ends with a controlled burn. This happens with a structure built for the event and resembles a bedroom inside of a house. A firefighter explains everything happening and encourages the audience to remember the fundamentals they were taught in the open house.



Mayer - OH 2017


Live Burn OH 2017