Life Safety & Permits

The best way to reduce damage to injuries from fire is to prevent them from occurring. The Life Safety Division of the Blue Ash Fire Department is dedicated to ensuring a safe community through education and enforcement. We hope you find the information on this page helpful in making your home and business safe. Please remember to include the building address on any requests or inquiries.
Pre-Fire Planning
Emergencies are not the best time for firefighters to learn about critical elements and concerns of a business. For this reason, the Fire Department maintains a database of all businesses and multi-family residential buildings within the City. The database provides information about fire alarms, suppression equipment, hazardous materials, floor plans, and emergency contact info. This data is available on computers on each Fire Department vehicle and apparatus, allowing emergency responders to act in a safer and faster manner. 

In order to keep the database up-to-date, firefighters visit businesses annually to verify that the information on file is current and correct. These visits should not be mistaken with fire inspections, which are completed at another time with a separate purpose. If your business has recently moved in, your fire alarm code has changed, you've had a change of contact information, or you feel there is any other vital information the Fire Department should have, please call us at (513) 745-8533 so that we may update our database to better serve you.
Knox Box Program
A Knox Box is an emergency rapid entry system that the City has chosen to aid in increasing response times to residents and businesses. The Blue Ash Fire Department has the only access key to open the box. The access to keys and codes eliminates time spent waiting for someone to arrive with a key and helps prevent property damage caused by forced or delayed entry. Local ordinance requires that one of the vaults be made available at every building with a fire alarm and/or fire suppression system, excluding single-family dwellings. Residential vaults are available for purchase. In circumstances where residents have health concerns or are unable to unlock their door, a residential Knox Box offers Fire and EMS crews unobstructed entry into the home in the event of an emergency. Click here to see some examples of Knox Boxes. 

For more information on the City's requirements, the security of the program, and many other frequently asked questions, please click the link below. A link to the Knox Box website is also below so that you can research options and place an order.

***Please remember that a Knox Box is only useful if it has the correct keys and codes within. To update your keys, please call (513) 745-8533 to schedule a time to meet with someone to lock them in the vault.***

Additional Information and FAQ's
Business and multi-family residences with greater than 4 units are inspected annually by Blue Ash Fire Department personnel with the goal of improved life safety and property preservation through code enforcement. Hotels and nursing homes are inspected by the Blue Ash Fire Department and the Ohio Fire Marshal's Office. At any time that you feel someone is misrepresenting themselves, feel free to ask for ID or contact the Fire Department at (513) 745-8533 for verification. Please note that Inspections are completed separately from pre-fire planning.
Fire System Inspection Reports & Testing
Fire alarm and suppression systems must follow a prescribed inspection and testing schedule. These schedules are determined by the Ohio Fire Code and applicable National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. The Blue Ash Fire Department requires that copies of all sprinkler, fire alarm, special suppression, hood system, fire pump, standpipe, and fire hydrant reports be made available for the department to examine and maintain in our database. Included in this request are any supporting documents of repairs and modifications made to the individual fire protection systems. Having these documents helps to ensure that all systems are kept in an operable state, ready to protect lives and property.

Reports are best received by emailing them or faxing them to (513) 794-3496. They may also be dropped off at our fire station at 10647 Kenwood Road during normal business hours.

For outlined information on scheduled testing requirements, please see the testing schedule.
Fire Codes and Standards
Fire Inspectors use a variety of codes and standards when inspecting facilities. The City of Blue Ash requires and enforces compliance with the most recently adopted edition of all codes and standards. Failure to comply may result in "Stop Work Orders" or citations being issued. Links to applicable codes are below.

Ohio Fire Code
New & Existing Construction
The Life Safety Division works closely with the Community and Economic Development Division as well as the Building Official on all new construction, renovations, and change of occupancies. This includes reviewing plans and visiting sites for acceptance inspections with the Building Inspector.

Provided below is useful information for contractors, developers, and property managers in the hope of making the construction inspection process as easy as possible for all involved. If you need more information or have specific questions, please call (513) 745-8679 to speak with our Fire Marshal.

Contractor Notice

The Life Safety Division issues permits as required by the Ohio Fire Code and/or the Codified Ordinances of Blue Ash. A basic permit form as well as information and requirements on some of the more routine permits are provided below. Please click on the link that applies to you. If the information or permit you are looking for is not here, please contact the Fire Department at (513) 745-8533.

Permit and Inspection fees can be paid at Station 13 located at 10647 Kenwood Road or to pay by phone using a credit card, please call 513.745.8647.  A list of fees can be found in the link below.

Fire Watch & Fire Protection Out-of-Service Procedures

Food Truck Permits
The City of Blue Ash has passed local ordinance 1501.25 requiring all food trucks operating in Blue Ash, public or private property, to have a current Blue Ash FD permit.  This process allows Blue Ash certified life safety inspectors to verify mobile food vendors are in compliance with regulations established by the Ohio Fire Code.  These inspections are intended to promote a safer event area for the public, your employees, and our firefighters.  

Blue Ash Permit Process Procedures, Cost, Rules and Restrictions
Blue Ash Fire Department Mobile Food Unit Inspection Form
State of Ohio Technical Bulletin #18-002; Mobile Food Units
Ohio Department of Commerce Mobile Food Unit Checklist

BUSTR Regulated UST's
Blue Ash Fire Department is a delegated authority through BUSTR.  Regulated work may be permitted directly through this department.  Permit applications should include the following:

BUSTR Application
Blue Ash FD Application
Site Plan
Associate Cut Sheets
Any Other Pertinent Supporting Documentation
Permit Fee

Temporary Bulk Fuel Storage
Construction sites and other properties with bulk fuel tanks kept on site for 90 days or more are required to obtain a permit.  Click on the below links for additional information.

Inspection Check Sheet
Blue Ash FD Application

Fire Drills
To schedule a fire drill, please refer to the guidelines listed in the link below.  All necessary documents can be dropped off at our north fire station or sent in by email.  Once the fire department has received these documents, a drill will then be scheduled.

Property Assessments
The Life Safety Division receives several requests each week for information pertaining to environmental and fire safety hazards at properties throughout the City. These assessments are typically required during real estate transactions. Please email your request to the Life Safety Division. Be sure to include the address and the information needed for your assessment. Requests are typically answered within 3 business days. To contact someone directly, please call (513) 745-8679.