Community Development

Occupancy & Land Use

Certificate of Occupancy

Every building in Blue Ash is required to have a valid Certificate of Occupancy (CO). The CO provides assurance to the building owner, the tenants, and to the City that, at the time the CO was issued, the struct­ure was constructed and maintained according to applicable Building and Fire Safety Codes, that a maximum occupancy has been established, and that the land use satisfies the requirements and limitations of the Zoning Code.

A valid CO also aids in emergency preparedness by ensuring that the City is aware of where people are gathered and what activities and materials are concentrated that may pose a danger to public health and safety.

The City will issue a CO following the successful final inspection of construction done according to a valid Building Permit. It is the responsibility of the building owner to always maintain a copy of the CO.

Change of Use

A Change of Use Permit is required each time that a tenant of a different architectural use group occupies an existing space, whether it is a whole building or a portion of a building. If you do not know the use group of your business, please consult with an Ohio Registered Architect, or call the Building Official for assistance. Use the Building Permit form to apply for a Change of Use.

There are some instances when a Change of Use Permit is not required for new tenant occupancy. Please call the Building Official if you think this applies to your situation.

Land Use

The Zoning Code divides the City into districts, each of which allows for different land uses, which are listed in the provisions for each district. If a land use is not listed in a district, then it is prohibited and may not be operated in that district. If you cannot find an exact description of your proposed land use in the Code, please call us with a detailed description of the business and all of its activities; the Zoning Administrator will determine whether or not it would be a permitted land use.

Compliance with all elements of the Zoning Code, including land use, is a part of the Building Permit process.