May 11th City Council meeting: What's on the agenda?

Blue Ash City Council will be meeting Thursday, May 11th at 7 p.m. inside Council Chambers. Here's a look at what is on the agenda: 

Task force grant:  Blue Ash City Council will consider designating the police department as the administering agency for a one-time Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grant for the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force. The task force consists of 11 agencies, including the Blue Ash Police Department. The amount of the grant is $62,500 and will be used to purchase equipment.

Daventry project: Blue Ash City Council will discuss approving conditions relating to the Daventry project. Specifically, Daventry is constructing retention facilities, sidewalk, and lawn on Summit Park property and these documents will allow for access to that property via an easement.

The Blue Ash City Council meeting will be held at the Blue Ash Municipal & Safety Center at 4343 Cooper Road. The public is welcome. To see the full agenda, click here.