Public Works

Construction Project Updates

Blue Ash Municipal Building Roof Replacement - CANCELED 
The city will be re-bidding this project in the fall.  New bid documents will be sent at that time.

Downtown Streetscape, Phase 5/6
- Decorative signs will be added at the corner of Kenwood Road and Cooper Road, and at the Kenwood Road and Towne Square intersection. The project will also include new concrete sidewalks on Cooper Road between Railroad Avenue and Kenwood Road, as well as Cooper Road between Hunt Road and Monroe Avenue. Crews will also install the new sidewalk on Towne Square Avenue between Kenwood Road and the Towne Square. If the funds allow, it may also include the south side of Cooper Road between Wynnecrest Drive to Cooper Lane. These are the final phases for the project.

Paving Program 
The 2019 Paving Program will consist of Peppermill, Benchmark, Berryhill, Tramwood, and Kenwood Rd. (from the southern city limit to YMCA Drive). The City will also be adding a refuge island on Kenwood Road at the southern side of the Kenwood/YMCA intersection to allow pedestrians to safely cross along all five lanes of Kenwood Road. The City has awarded the bid for construction to Prus, which has started construction on Kenwood Road south of YMCA Drive.  Starting June 10th, construction will begin on the Pepper Mill Subdivision.  Check the news section here for updates on these paving projects

Sidewalk Program 
The City continues its efforts to provide connectivity between neighborhoods and businesses to frequent destinations around Blue Ash (Parks, Recreation Center, Municipal and Safety Center, Downtown, Golf Course, etc). The Creek Road Sidewalk Project began in December 2018 with storm drains being installed and new sidewalk constructed along the front of Loroco Industries, Inc. Prus Construction expects to finish the project in spring of 2019.

Traffic Signal Upgrades 
The City of Blue Ash has an ongoing program to upgrade the traffic signals throughout the City from incandescent lights to LED (light emitting diode) lights. The LED lights use significantly less electricity, last longer between failures, provide brighter signals and support battery back-up systems at major intersections. Additionally, “count-down” pedestrian signals are being installed at intersections with wide roadways (such as Reed Hartman Highway) to assist pedestrians and battery backup units are being installed at major intersections.

Reed Hartman Highway Improvements
This project includes lane widening, increasing the left turn lane capacity at several intersections, and a traffic signal modification at P&G Drive. There will also be traffic signal timing updates at several intersections north of Cornell Road, and the City will extend the right northbound drop lane on Reed Hartman Highway, from P&G Drive to the Kemper Connector. Construction on these improvements is expected to begin this summer.

Questions regarding any City of Blue Ash projects listed above should be directed to the Public Works Office at (513) 745-8578 or (513) 745-8536.