Basic Pass - Includes ability to take all Basic Group Fitness Classes (Circuit Training, P.E., Absolutely Core, Cardio Core, Sports
Conditioning, Just Fit, Zumba, Zumba Tone, Hooping, 360 Training). Must be 13 or older to participate in Basic classes. Please refer to the chart on the middle page of this brochure for days and times.
Unlimited Monthly Pass $35 ($35 per month)
Unlimited 4 Month Pass $120 ($30 per month)
Unlimited Annual Pass $300 ($25 per month)
Punch Pass 1 punch @ $5 per punch

(5 Punch Minimum Purchase, can purchase unlimited number of punches)

Premium Pass – Includes all Basic Group Fitness classes plus the “Premium” Classes (Tai Chi, Group Cycling, TRX, Hatha Yoga, and Yoga). Classes are limited in size – first come, first served. Must be 16 or older to participate in Premium classes unless approval is given by instructor. Please refer to the chart on the middle page of this brochure for days and times.
Unlimited Monthly Pass $75 ($75 per month)
Unlimited 4 Month Pass $280 ($70 per month)
Unlimited Annual Pass $780 ($65 per month)
Punch Pass 2 punches @ $5 per punch
(5 Punch Minimum Purchase, can purchase unlimited number of punches)


Senior Fitness Pass (62+) – Includes 360 Training and Just Fit Classes Only.
Just Fit Classes:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 11:15-11:45AM (Studio One)
Thursday: 11:15-11:45AM (Studio Two)
360 Training
Tuesday 11:00am-12:00pm
Unlimited Monthly Pass $20 per month


Other Programs and Fitness Classes- Payment should be made to the instrcuor of class.




Classes are open to the general Public
Your First Class is Free– Come Try One Today!
Questions? Call 513-745-8550

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To help with selection of the appropriate level fitness class based on your abilities, classes have been rated as follows. Anyone is capable of taking any class on the schedule but some classes are taught at a different pace than others and may require more modifications. If you have specific questions about any of our classes contact Andrew Falk, Operations Manager, at 513-745-6262 or afalk@blueash.com.


Beginner Level classes are suitable for anyone at any fitness level but specifically
targets participants searching for a low impact, slower paced class. Expect basic choreography and moderate intensity.


Intermediate Level classes are suitable for anyone though may require modifications for some participants. Expect a focus on coordination and control of your body, more complex choreography, and a faster tempo.


Advanced Level classes are suitable for those with an athletic background or who are experienced with group fitness classes. Exercises may always be modified but will be presented at a very challenging level.

Zumba I
Zumba fuses Latin and international music and dance themes together for a great, dynamic, and effective fitness class. The routines combine fast and slow rhythms that tone, sculpt, and inspire!
Zumba Toning I
Zumba Toning combines targeted bodysculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to create a calorie-torching, strength-training dance fitness party.
Just Fit B
Combine fun with fitness in this 30 minute exercise class that is great for the active older adult, beginner, or anyone searching for a class that is low impact and suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Instructors will emphasize basic movements for daily living that will increase flexibility, range of motion, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness.
360 Training B
Learn how to maximize the benefits you can get by working out on the Synrgy360 unit (the large red structure in the fitness center) by attending this circuit style group fitness class. Taught to the level of the participants and open to all ages and ability levels.
Hoop Dance & Yoga B
Hooping tones the core and every class will start with yoga to further the core strengthening and flexibility components. Hoops are used to practice yoga, followed by play time with hooping skills. Loaner hoops are available or you can bring your own.
ABSolutely Core I
30 minutes of gut blasting core work! ABSolutely Core combines a little cardio with a lot of core work to help you attain your body sculpting goals. Whether you are aiming for a six pack or just want to firm your middle, this class is great for anyone wanting to get in better shape.
Cardio Core IA
This 45-60 minute cardio session will help you trim excess fat and give you the mid-section you’ve always wanted. Emphasis will be placed on strengthening and toning the abdomen, butt, hips and lower back.
Circuit Training IA
A cardio, strength, and flexibility class focused on providing participants with a balanced total body approach to fitness. This class is a great way to break up the monotony of your "normal routine" and learn new exercises in a group atmosphere.
Power & Endurance (PE) IA
A complete and functional approach to fitness focusing on attaining peak physical fitness for your age and ability level. Exercises emphasize total body training.
Sports Conditioning IA
This total body workout provides a high intensity approach, and still maintains a "work at your own pace" attitude. Perfect for participants who enjoy athletic conditioning based workouts. Exercises such as sprints, jump rope and agility drills are common and can always be modified.


Hatha Yoga BI
Hatha Yoga takes a minimalist approach to burning calories, contracting muscles and stressing the body’s cardiovascular system while encouraging concentration on subtle energy flows that fosters an inner awareness of body position. It centers on static postures and fluid motions, emphasizes controlled breathing that draws attention inward and low impact drills meant to strengthen body and mind.

Indoor Group Cycling BIA
A 50 minute indoor cycling class focusing on cardio challenges, hill climbs with varying speeds and resistance for all participant levels. Classes taught by spinning certified instructors.

Tai Chi BIA
Tai Chi is made up of slow movements and breathing exercises. Designed to allow chi, or energy, to flow freely throughout the body. Tai Chi will improve balance, health, awareness, agility, and coordination.

TRX Classes BIA
TRX training is a type of training that uses your own body weight and gravity to build strength, flexibility, balance, mobility, core and jointstability, all while preventing injuries. The best part is all ability levels and ages can train on the TRX suspension trainer and achieve great

Yoga BI

Build strength, flexibility, and slow deep stretches that will help you find your hidden inner strength and mental endurance. With proper breathing and mental focus, you will feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.