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Our leagues are open to the public for those who are 18 years or older. However, we give priority to teams that are comprised of Blue Ash business Recreation Center members or residents. The hallmark of our leagues is that we have very well-maintained facilities and reasonable prices.

League Manager
Nate Doppes
(513) 745-8661

For a schedule of registration, seasons, and meeting dates, click here.

Interested in playing, but not sure where to begin? This should help... click here

This is a general PDF form that you can fill in and E-Mail to the league coordinator for all of our sport team offerings. We suggest that you save it to your files for your records prior to sending. This form can also be saved and faxed to the Recreation Center. To open the form, click here.

If you are an individual looking for a team, we call you a "Free Agent". Free Agents will need to contact the League Manager with information regarding playing ability, sport interested in and contact information. The League Manager will add you to the Free Agent List that is provided to the Team Captains. We can't promise that they'll contact you, but the odds are pretty good.


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Softball4 documents

  • Adult League 2019 Calendar
    document _recordid 691
  • Softball League Rules
    document _recordid 692
    document _recordid 2388
    Spring schedule for co-rec softball
    document _recordid 2621
    Spring schedule for men's open softball

Soccer3 documents

  • Adult League 2019 Calendar
    document _recordid 693
  • Blue Ash Co-Rec Soccer League Rules
    document _recordid 694
  • Spring 2019 Monday Co Rec Soccer.pdf
    document _recordid 1951

Racquetball5 documents

  • USA Racquetball League Rules
    document _recordid 696
  • Winter 2019 Advanced Racquetball Schedule
    document _recordid 2166
  • Winter 2019 Intermediate Racquetball Schedule
    document _recordid 2167
    document _recordid 2462
  • Blue Ash Racquetball Leagues
    document _recordid 2843

Ultimate Frisbee3 documents

  • Adult League 2019 Calendar
    document _recordid 697
  • Blue Ash Adult Ultimate Frisbee League Rules
    document _recordid 698
  • Fall 2018 Schedule - Ultimate Frisbee
    document _recordid 2040

Pond Hockey3 documents

  • Winter 2019 REC Schedule
    document _recordid 2822
  • Winter 2019 COMP Schedule
    document _recordid 2823
  • Adult League 2019 Calendar
    document _recordid 3069

League Archives8 documents

  • Racquetball- Advanced
    document _recordid 700
  • Racquetball- Intermediate
    document _recordid 701
  • Volleyball- Co-Rec "B-Level"
    document _recordid 702
  • Volleyball- Co-Rec "C-Level"
    document _recordid 703
  • Softball- Co-Rec
    document _recordid 704
  • Softball- Mens
    document _recordid 705
  • Dodgeball
    document _recordid 706
  • Ultimate Frisbee
    document _recordid 707