Kid's Corner

Sparky the Fire Dog giving a high-five
The Blue Ash Fire Department personnel are dedicated to teaching Fire Safety classes to all ages. Each class is fun and informative. Our educational programs include Station Tours, visits with Freddy the Fire Truck and Sparky the Dog, Fire Safe House Demos, and Turn-out Gear Demos. See below for descriptions. Click here for additional parent and educator resources. For all programs listed below, call (513) 745-8533 to set an appointment to visit and learn!

Always Remember to Stop, Drop, Cover, and Roll!
The stop, drop, cover, and roll method is the most effective way of putting out clothing that has caught fire. Learn the simple steps and practice today!

If your clothes catch on fire:

STOP – Stop where you are, never run!

DROP – Drop down to the floor or ground.

COVER – Cover your face with your hands.

ROLL – Roll back and forth many times until the fire is out!
Station Tours
We are honored and privileged that you want to take your time to visit us and learn more about fire safety, and we want to make it fun! Our hour-long tour includes a fire safety video, safety talk, and tours of the station, trucks, and ambulances. The tour takes place at the North Station.

Freddy the Fire Truck & Sparky the Dog
Come to the fire station and visit with Freddy or Sparky. They love to talk to you about fire prevention and safety! Each participant will have the chance to ask questions about how to call 911, preventing fires at home, and practicing an escape plan. This program also takes place at the North Station. Kids can also visit Sparky online at

Fire Safe House Demo
Our fire safe house is a miniature version of the real thing, designed to teach kids what to do if they have a fire in their own home. With the help of a fog machine, a simulated cloud of smoke fills the fire safe house, setting off the smoke detector. Kids are taught to plan two ways to escape, to “Get Out And Stay Out”, and encouraged to practice their escape routes at home with a family fire drill. Kids can also learn more about disaster preparedness at FEMA's site. 

Turn-Out Gear Demo
Firefighters may look scary to little ones! This program teaches children not to be frightened of firefighters or hide from them if they are called to their home in an emergency. Firefighters will try on each piece of their turn-out gear and explain why they use it and what protection it provides. This demo can be done at one of our stations, or at your school or business.

Parent and Educator Resources
The sites below have helpful info on preparing, planning, preventing, and talking to children about what to do in the case of an emergency. The sites provide checklists and tip sheets as well, and the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) site has info about juvenile fire setter programs.
FEMA resources
U.S. Fire Administration                                                   
NFPA site
Infographic about Fire Safety for children